Technical data
Measuring range: 0 – 25 mm
Accuracy: 0.01 mm
Operating temperature: 5 C – 40 C / 41 F – 104 F
Humidity influence: Not significant below 80% RH
Intended use / Application
For precise measurements in the range from 0 to 25 mm
How to use
Preparation to work:
– Clean the measuring surfaces and the guide. Use a cotton cloth for this. Do not use solvents or acids.
– Check the zero position and, if necessary, adjust with the supplied wrench until the line marked “0” on the drum is in line with the horizontal line on the scale.

Measurement method:
– The drum may only be turned after unlocking the retaining clamp.
– Spread the measuring surfaces a distance slightly greater than the measured object.
– Then adjust coarse by turning with the drum, then continue tightening by turning the knob of the friction clutch.
– Stop tightening when the clutch works, i.e. a further turn of the knob will not cause the rotation of the drum.
– Read the measurement result according to the measuring principle shown in the figure.

It is recommended to attach the workpiece or micrometer before starting the measurement. This will allow you to achieve the highest measurement accuracy.
It is also recommended to carry out several measurements to obtain the arithmetic mean of the results.

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