List of Top 7 Best Hand Tools That You Must Need in Your Life

Overview of Hand Tools

It does not matter if you happen to be a professional woodworker or a do-it-yourself (DIY) handyman dabbler looking to fix things up at your home, you will need an array of hand tools to accomplish a multitude of tasks.  Hand tools are extremely significant for use in workshops or for doing chores in and around the house.

Whether you are a woodworker or a home-maker, a legion of hand tools at your disposal for different projects makes life considerably easier and your chores around the house a grand triumph. Hand tools can perform the bulk of woodworking projects and accomplish the repair and maintenance of household appliances deftly. Furthermore, hand tools come in various sizes and price ranges and can be purchased without any hitches from any nigh hardware store.

List of Top 7 Best Hand Tools That You Must Need in Your Life

Their specialty lies in their dynamic characteristic of being the staple of any toolbox deemed fit for menial jobs or doing heavy-duty, obscure and task-specific projects. You should definitely count on investing in a quality set of hand tools that will come in handy in testing situations.

Here’s a brief informative low down on some of the finest hand tools that may just hit the proverbial bull’s-eye for you!

#1) Wrenches

A wrench is a hand tool that allows you to firmly hold standard sized bolts and nuts that are going to be loosened& tightened. Wrenches can be classified into two types- open-end or box-end wrenches, although, typically wrenches have both on either end.

Purchasing wrenches is an advantageous proposition since they can be bought off individually or in sets.

#2) Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are devices that are designed specifically to drive in or remove screws. The size and shape of a screwdriver depending on the type of screw it is designed to fit. A better compatibility between the screwdriver and screw results in lesser chances of the screws from slipping off your hands.

A bad fitting screwdriver set can strip a screw or make it practically un-removable from the surface. So, it is imperative upon you to sagaciously choose a screwdriver set meant exclusively for its specific purpose.

#3) Pliers

Pliers are first-class levers that function when the force applied by the hand is executed at its jaws. One big advantage of pliers lies in the fact that they give you the advantage of manipulating an object in their grasp by executing power and leverage.

Pliers are available in many shapes and sizes. The two most common types of pliers in widespread usage are flat-nose pliers and needle-nose pliers.

#4) Hammers

Hammers are robust hand tools that are used to deliver a tremendous force to a small area after hitting an object. The head of a typical hammer has one blunt flat side for hitting objects which can sometimes be textured for a better grip.

The opposite side consists of a claw that is used to leverage objects apart or remove nails. The primary aim of a hammer is to drive nails, especially in households. Hammers can be of diverse types such as Carpenter Hammers, sledgehammers, etc.

#5) Hand Saws

Hand saws are popular hand tools that should adorn every professional’s quiver. They are of diverse types based on their specialization and can be found in any carpenter’s shop. Some examples of hand saws are ripsaw, crosscut saw, hacksaw, compass saw, etc. A hacksaw is the most famous and easily recognizable type of hand saw that is designed to cut through metals.

Similarly, a rip saw is meant for making cuts along the grain of the wood while a Crosscut saw performs cuts that are perpendicular to the grain. On the other hand, a compass saw is used for cutting out curved or circular shapes.

#6) Bars

Another popular strain of hand tools are Bars. They can be classified into many types such as flat bars, wrecking bars, etc. Flat Bars are nifty hand tools that are used to gain leverage when you try to pry apart two connected objects.

Besides, they are equally effective at removing nails, too. Whereas, a wrecking Baris hexagonal in shape, longer in length than a flat bar and generally give greater leverage. Wrecking bars are used for separating objects then removing nails.

#7) Punch Tools

A Punch is a rod-shaped hand tool that is generally used to strike with a hammer to drive a nail, make a hole or create an impression on an object. The tip of the punch is shaped in tandem with its task. Punches can also be used for diverse crafting purposes such as creating decorative art pieces, to name a few.

The type of hand tools you might need depends squarely on the nature of the job you intend to tackle. Choose your hand tools judiciously and try to avoid splurging money on tools that you won’t use.

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