9 Must-Have Tools For DIY enthusiasts

It’s not always easy to decide whether to do it yourself (DIY) or hire a contractor. However, one advantage is clear: DIY home repairs can save you a bundle. You can use DIY tricks to save money on home decoratinghouse maintenancecar repairslandscaping, and more.

A DIY enthusiast better have the basics. According to experts, there are certain tools every DIYer needs. Let’s go through the list to find out what you need to get your job done. 

1. Hammer

One of the most basic instruments you can find in your home is a hammer. It’s also one of the most accessible and functional tools. You can build furniture and, even houses with the help of a hammer. If you need a good assistant for your next project, you can find the worthiest hammers here. 

2. Screwdriver set

The simple beauty of screwdrivers makes them the ideal tools to tighten cabinet hardware, install light switches, and crack open the lids on metal paint cans. A 10-piece set includes all the common slotted and Phillips-head sizes, as well as stubby versions to get into tight spots.

A screwdriver is a versatile tool that will help you in many circumstances. Managing a DIY project is almost impossible without having a good screwdriver kit.

3. Tape Measure

Keep it on hand to measure anything from the wall area for a paint project to the thickness of lumber at the home center—where you’ll learn that a 2×4 is not exactly 2 by 4 inches. 

Tape measures are totally underrated, and they’re a crucial part of DIY projects. You might think that they’re not high-tech or innovative tools, but they actually worth more than you can imagine.

4. Locking Plier

If you’re dealing with more than one thing at a time, a hands-free experience can make everything flow faster. You can make your work run smoothly and be more efficient in the process.

5. Toolbox

Keeping your collection of drivers, screws, and bolts in the most functional tool for a person who wants to stay organized all the time. You can find toolboxes in different sizes, and take your DIY tools wherever you go.

6. LED Flashlight

Who’d want darkness in the midst of their work where you have to take care of details? Since lightbulbs aren’t very reliable, we’d like to remind you that a flashlight lasts longer than an average bulb. Thus it might turn out to be a better alternative for the DIY-enthusiasts. 

7. Safety Glasses

A DIY lover should have safety glasses that will protect their eyes from potential injuries. With sparks flying around, you might experience unpleasant accidents. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it as a hobby or professionally, you should always wear safety glasses.

8. Hand Saws

If you’re doing woodwork, you definitely need a sharp and sturdy hand saw. It’s a versatile tool that can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects from carpentry to renovation. 

A hand saw’s design is crucial since a terrible design causes pain in your hands. You need a well-designed hand saw no matter what. Here you can find the hand saws that won’t let your hands suffer.

9. Cordless Drill

You’re wrong if you think its duty is just to drill holes in the walls. Cordless drills, even if they seem weaker than wired electric drills, are powerful enough for DIY projects. 

Considering the battery life is also an important part of choosing the right drill. If you’re looking for a good cordless drill for your next DIY project, then look no further. 

With the help of these innovative tools, it’s easier (or more fun!) to be a DIYer. As you expand your DIY skills, you can expand your toolkit as well. For instance, if you plan to do a lot of painting, you can add brushes and rollers to your workshop. For woodworking, you might need a miter saw, a square, a nail gun, clamps, or an orbital sander. You could add a volt meter for electrical work and a ladder and extension cords to expand the range where you can work.

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