Yamato Fire Helmet


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    Yamato Fire HelmetMain properties: anti-impact of sharp objects, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal radiation resistance, penetration resistance, combustion resistance, reflective, electrical insulation, light and other properties.High temperature resistance: the temperature of the helmet shell is 260 degrees Celsius.
    Protective properties: head protection: reinforced plastic shell, buffer belt, buffer net, cap. The knob design inside the helmet is much easier to adjust the size of the helmet. The headband ensures the cool and comfort of our heads. Easy to be taken down for clean. Equipped with optional flashlight holder to be used in dark environment (flashlight non included).
    Neck protection: equipped with flame retardant aluminum foil shawl, unloadable, fire insulation performance is good, can effectively protect the neck.
    Facial protection: PC protective mask, good light transmittance, strong impact resistance, can effectively protect the face.
    Helmet size: uniform size

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    Weight 10.22 kg
    Dimensions 78 × 45 × 16 cm

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