Autodarkening Helmet




Welding helmet with auto-darkening filter. High-quality filter equipped with 4 arc sensors provides a field of view of 98 * 43 mm, DIN 9-13 dark state, DIN4 light state, response time 1/25000 s., Brightening time 0.1-1.0 s., And darkening time 0.3-0.8 ms. In addition, the filter provides protection against UV / IR rays at the DIN16 level. The helmet has a smooth adjustment of sensitivity and dimming, as well as a gradual adjustment of the dimming speed. It is powered by a solar cell as well as 2 3V CR2450 batteries and has an automatic on / off function. The helmet also has a grinding protection function. It can be used in the temperature range from -5 degrees C to +55 degrees C. In addition, it is equipped with a very comfortable 4-point harness with a 2-point height adjustment, occipital position adjustment, smooth circumference adjustment with a ratchet system, as well as distance from the filter.

4 arc sensors
optical class 1/1/1/1
field of view: 98 x 43 mm
response time 1 / 25,000 s
welding / grinding function
protection against UV / IR DIN 16

welding and grinding

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